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2016 Jet-Black Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 170 Wheelbase 7G-Tronic transmission 4 Cylinder Diesel (PDF file) OM651 Crewcab


The purpose of this vehicle is to allow unrestricted travel, exploration and discovery in North America, and eventually beyond to Europe and Asia via SeaBridge shipping. History of travel adventures are detailed elsewhere.

Always a fan of the Space Shuttle programme, one of the ships was named Discovery. Discovery was Orbital Vehicle 103, and the very first to be retired followed by the Space Shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis. Unlike Challenger and Columbia, Discovery is now in a museum in Virginia at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, an annex of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum.

In honour of Space Shuttle Discovery, this Sprinter is named Discovery.

Welcome, to Discovery!


Buy vs build.

Buy the components needed, instead of building custom cabinetry. The exception to this rule was the installation of insulation and the hardboard wall panelling.

This philosophy provides for a very flexible vehicle, as very little is permanant and allows nearly anybody with a Sprinter to convert their van into a Discovery vehicle. Nearly everything inside the van, apart from the walls/ceiling/insulation and the heater, should be designed such that the item can be removed and reinstalled easily.

The ceiling consists of narrow hardboard (around 24 inches wide by 48 inches) that are screwed into the ceiling ribs with insulation inbetween. With a little effort, this can all be undone quickly to expose each section of the van ceiling.

Items such as the bed, toilet, main cabinet are all strapped securely using Erickson straps to the D-rings. When in Discovery mode (aka camping), everything is strapped in securely. If in the event the Sprinter is used to move large items such as full sheets of plywood, pallets, full size couches, etc., everything inside the van can be removed in under 20 minutes to make space for the large items.

Want to visit a new city or public lands and not have to find a hotel or place to stay? Strap in a comfortable queen sized memory foam mattress and frame, and stay wherever you want in comfort. Want a mobile office or showroom? Remove the bed or crew-cab seating and install a large table and chair, strapped in securely.

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